I first began selling Avon in 1970. It was a great experience and helped me learn about skin care, how to sell, cold call, knock on doors and walk the neighborhoods. I had a territory of about 200 homes (we don’t have territories today). I walked every street and knocked on every door. There were many young moms at home everyday and most did not have a car while her husband was at work. I was a welcome distraction and had great sales revenue. Christmas sales were fantastic.

I was called back to work by a previous employer and gave up my Avon sales. Well, I’m back many years later and looking forward to online sales. I live on a ranch/farm in the lower part of the Texas panhandle with very few neighbors so I’m looking forward to making many new friends thru my Avon Online Store. So come shop with me online.

I have used Avon for over 45 years – it is the best!!

Join me and become an AVON INDEPENDENT SALES REPRESENTATIVE. Sign up by filling out a registration form and then set up your online business immediately.

Just $25.00 will make you an official avon independent sales representative.


We were blessed with rain – however 3 tornadoes came along —this photo was hastily taken from the patio with my ipad (i should keep the camera in the family room instead of a closet). The 2 tornadoes on the left disappeared into the cloud – the one on the right continued on but stayed on farm land and did not do any damage in town or to any homes. We are blessed.

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